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Philip J. Schuyler – An Election Time Opportunity To Reflect

Schuyler Mansion , courtesy of the New Your State museumWith the insanity of the primaries taking over the minds and media of our nation, I wanted to step back and explore a bit of America’s early history. Visiting the Schuyler Mansion was the perfect place to do this. The mansion brought me back to the roots of America: the Revolutionary War general Philip J. Schuyler, who later became a U.S. Senator and a business entrepreneur, owned the mansion. He lived there with his wife Catharine Van Rensselaer. Eight children were brought up in this gorgeous mansion, adorned with countless windows to let the sun flow in.

The Georgian-style, brick mansion overlooks the Hudson River It was originally situated on an 80-acre area of land, complete with an orchard, garden, and working farm. Personally, I find the most fascinating fact of the mansion is that Elizabeth Schuyler married Alexander Hamilton on the property. I have become quite the Hamilton buff thanks to the Broadway play and Grammy award-winning “Hamilton.”

I took a tour of the mansion on my own on an afternoon I had free, coincidentally right around President’s Day. I put myself into the shoes of Philip Schuyler. I can picture the meetings that took place here during our country’s infancy: the social gatherings with guests adorned in colonial wear, the military strategy planning, the many political discussions, and events and decisions made that were so important to the founding of our country. Decisions much like the ones being made in the White House right now, as our nation evolves.

During election season, taking oneself back to our nation’s origins is a great way to remind yourself of why this country was founded. It is more important now than ever to embrace being a devoted patriot. Some people may be nervous about the fate of our nation. But I was reminded of something while strolling through the Schuyler Mansion and reflecting on our nation’s rich history: being a true patriot means supporting America through its changes and difficult times.

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