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Why Bennington Vermont is a Reason to Celebrate Summer’s Close


As the fall approaches and the leaves begin to change from green to hues of yellow, orange, and red, I begin to look forward to my weekend trips to Bennington, Vermont. I make at least one trip to Bennington every fall but will go as many weekends as my schedule allows. There’s something to be said about the serenity of the Vermont autumn.

Besides its aesthetic beauty, Bennington holds a special space in my heart. During my weekend trips, I always make a point to visit the statue of Seth Warner, a distant relative of mine who fought for the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. Seth Warner was a vital figure for the establishment of Vermont State, and I take pride in being related to such a figure. After Warner achieved the status of colonel and returned to Roxbury, he applied for a grant in order to create the state of Vermont. Unfortunately, due to long delays, Warner had been dead for four years when the grant, called the Warner’s grant, finally went through. To honor him, the Bennington Battle Monument in Bennington, Vermont included a sculpture of Warner.

Warner’s statue sits tall and proud at the Bennington Battle Monument site. He is portrayed with an aura of victory and pride inspired by his position in the Revolutionary War. As years have gone by, my only concern has been a number of trees surrounding the monument. I would hate for the statue to get damaged in a storm by falling branches or trees that are dying, diseased, or dead and no longer contributing positively to the gorgeous site. The surrounding foliage is mostly beautiful, but the dying trees do not do any good for the surrounding area. I have even considered contacting the town with the name of a great tree removal service I have worked with before and suggesting taking care of a potential problem before it happens.

Despite this concern, I am lucky to be unlike many of my peers, who are suffering from the end-of-summer blues as Labor Day weekend has come and gone. Why would I be? I have the picturesque Bennington Vermont waiting for me.

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