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History's Heros in America


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Well, it is beautiful in the North East United States.  After a long winter, the barren trees have just decided to POP with color.  Rolling over the hills of Massachusetts and eastern New York along the I90 corridor is a sight to see. As I drift north and west from the Springfield, MA area, heading toward home which is north of Albany, NY, just outside of Saratoga Springs.  This is as good a place as any to start my story.

Yesterday morning’s papers announced that in our entire country, all of the military bases and police departments are at Force Protection Bravo.  We are on high alert for terrorist threats.  I wonder what it was called in colonial times?   There probably was no term, because there was not much of an early warning system in place.  It would not have mattered if was an Indian threat or a British threat; the fastest way to carry a message was a runner or at best a rider.

The Saratoga area is rich in military history for both the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War.  The area is famous for Fort Ticonderoga and Fort William Henry and the battle of Saratoga.  I have to wonder what those patriots would have thought about today’s terror threat. Those Patriots fought so that we could have freedom of religion. They thought so that no one religion should ever be forced upon us.   I wonder if they would ever have imagined that we would be fighting for the same thing all over again.  This time it is not an overbearing Mother country, but a multitude of radicals that have contorted the basis of their own religion in order to justify eradication anyone that does not support their cause.

These extremists are so different from us and so different from our Patriot Fathers.  Our forefathers knew what it was to be threatened by tyranny.  The extremists seek to impose tyranny themselves. Our Patriot Fathers wanted to live a life where all every man—or in those days at least every white landowner had a say in the way things were run.  To be completely honest, the majority of those that fought for freedom in our country were probably not free at all in comparison with the American Aristocracy that original was in bed with the British nobility.   However, the American Aristocracy would soon realize that they all had a lot to lose.  Just as we have a lot to lose today.

Americans have prided themselves on their right to disagree.  As Americans, we have not always been good, kind and or understanding.  Differences of opinions almost tore this nation apart during the great Civil War.  Will it take the present day Terrorist threat to pull us all back together as we see public opinion swing to a greater pendulum reach every year?